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Registrations and Fittings, Day Two

After an exciting first day of arrivals of half of the delegates of the 65th Miss Universe pageant, the second day began for the majority of the contestants at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City. That's where registration, interviews, fittings, hair and make-up trials were done in one of the ballrooms.

One by one, the candidates from various parts of the world began to meet their fellow beauty queens and were silently sizing up one another as they waited for their turn in meeting the organizers and sponsors of the pageant wearing their own outfits.

It was interesting to note this, as the personality and style of each candidate became apparent before they headed inside the ballroom to choose and fit the official dresses by Sherri Hill, as well as the swimsuits by Yamamay for the preliminary and final competition.

A long buffet table filled with sandwiches, samosas, cakes, nuts, fruits, juice and bottled water was at the center of the reception hall to make sure that everyone from the hair stylists, make-up artists, members of the media, sponsors and the staff of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) were properly nourished to keep their energy up since a lot of them were still struggling with the jet lag from their arrival the day before.

This is when each contestant was able to keep their national sashes and wear the official sash representing their country given by the MUO. As the candidates headed inside the ballroom to meet the make-up artists from MAC Cosmetics and the hair stylists from Chi Farouk System to see what look best suited them for the preliminaries and finals, security was tight but the hospitality provided by the Conrad Hotel kept everything flowing smoothly.

By the afternoon, most delegates were checking their schedules and bringing their own evening gowns for fitting in an enclosed area covered in black cloth. Test shot pictorials were also done as soon as each candidate completed their hair and make-up trials. The busy day ran smoothly into the night as the remaining contestants from Croatia, France, Guam and Nigeria arrived past dinner time.

The rest of the candidates prepared for more interviews with the media and sponsors. The organizers of the pageant then decided which of the ladies would be grouped together to fly to the island of Boracay the following day.

The ladies were all happy, friendly, and relaxed as they went from area to area doing what they could to accomplish the requirements set by the organizers. As each contestant found more time to relax, selfies and photos taken by some members of the media were posted on-line in a real-time method to keep their supporters and fans updated. Everyone in the ballroom was friendly and cordial to one another, making the day go by calmly and efficiently. By late evening, everyone was able to catch some sleep to prepare for another grueling day.

We send our thanks to Boysen, one of the premier supporters for #MsUonETC.

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